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Animal Liberation Frontline Info Service - Hands down the best site on the net.  An on-line information service dedicated to the activities of the 'underground' animal liberation movement in Europe, North America and Worldwide. Contains feature acticles, a diary of actions worldwide by year, interviews and the latest news about everyone's favorite heroes.


Link Categories:

The Internet Underground:

  • The Avenger's Front Page - Info on revenge schemes, tactics and other schemes.
  • CIA Sabotage Manual - This was put out by the CIA in cartoon format in an effort to undermine the Sandinista government in Nicaragua.  Includes info on sabotaging cars, toilets, and phone lines.
  • Commercial hacking site - Products and limited information on Phone Phreaking, Cracking & Lock Picking, Highway Hacking, Satellite & Cable TV Hacking, Miscellaneous Hacking, Computer Hacking, Financial Hacking, Information Hacking
  • Computer hacking - Information on computer hacking
  • The Final Nail #2 - Presents a guided tour to destroying the fur industry.  Provides addresses of fur farms, describes tactics used in the battle against the fur industry, and addresses related issues.
  • Freenet - Freenet is a large-scale peer-to-peer network which pools the power of member computers around the world to create a massive virtual information store open to anyone to freely publish or view information of all kinds.
  • Guide to Lock Picking - Examines what it takes to pick a lock.
  • Homemade Explosives - Tons of info on making explosives, stink bombs, and much more.
  • Multiproxy - MultiProxy is a free multifunctional personal proxy server that helps protect user's privacy while on Internet, as well as increasing downloading speed. Free public anonymous proxy server list is included.

Legal Resources:

  • Fully Informed Jury Association - Provides juror's rights information and resources (including downloadable flyers), emphasizes the juror's right to put the law on trial rather than the defendant.
  • Juror's Rights Pamphlet - The FIJA flyer which summarizes the rights of the juror to nullify the law.
  • Law Student Animal Rights Alliance - Great source for motions and other activist orientated legal resources.
  • National Lawyers Guild - Progressive lawyers united to fight injustices through the US Legal System.
  • Your Rights to Flyer in Malls - The text of the Supreme Court's Pruneyard Decision which validates your right to flyer and exercise your right to freedom of speech in privately owned areas which are open to the public (such as malls) in the state of California.
  • Court forms - Download your own!
  • Grand Juries - Federal Rules of Procedure on Grand Juries
  • Animal rights law - Materials written by Gary Francione, animal rights lawyer, including the right of a student to object to vivisection or dissection in the classroom; hunting and wildlife issues, hunter "harassment," wild horses, animal sacrifices, and animal care committees. The website also offers on-line handbooks concerning freedom of expression and housing issues involving companion animals. In addition, the website offers various essays and journal articles on animal rights and animals and the law, and information about books written by Francione and Charlton. Finally, the website contains various state and federal laws and regulations.
  • American Civil Liberties Union

Fighting Government Repression:

High Tech Spy Info:


  • Reclaim the Streets! - Reclaim the Streets! is a direct action network committed to ending the rule of the car. This site contains cool info on tripod building, as well as other tactics and actions.
  • Sea Shepherd - A great group that investigates, documents, and takes direct action to put a stop to violations of international laws, regulations and treaties which are designed to help protect marine wildlife.  This site provides important news, info and action alerts.
  • Voluntary Human Extinction Movement - Dedicated to phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed in order to allow Earth's biosphere to return to good health.  Site contains responses to common questions about the group and its philosophies.
  • The Alliance for a Paving Moratorium - Addresses the devastation of wildlife habitat, increasing levels of pollution, dependence on oil, as well as economic and social problems resulting from continued road-building.
  • Food Not Bombs - San Francisco - A great group that takes direct action and often risks arrest by feeding vegetarian food to the homeless and needy.  Thousands of meals served each week throughout the world.
  • Rainforest Action Network - Works to protect tropical rainforests and the human rights of those living in and around those forests by educating the public and utilizing direct action tactics.
  • Monsantos - Anti-biotechnology site with great activism ideas and a sense of humor

  • FoodFirst - The Institute for Food and Development Policy better known as Food First--is a member-supported, nonprofit 'peoples' think tank and education-for-action center. Its work highlights root causes and value-based solutions to hunger and poverty around the world, with a commitment to establishing food as a fundamental human right.
  • McSpotlight - Chock full of information and ideas to combat the evil McClown

Radikal Zines and Activist News:

  • ARC News (UK) - Coverage of animal rights events, news and issues in the UK.
  • Bite Back! - Coverage of the animal liberation underground.
  • VOICE - A German Animal Rights magazine which covers both the above-ground and underground struggles for animal liberation.
  • Earth First! Journal - Provides coverage of Earth First! actions, direct action tactics, action alerts and more.
  • Cascadia Uprising - News for Cascadia Forest Defenders Everywhere.  Includes coverage of actions in the struggle to free Cascadia, as well as extensive background info and resources.
  • SchNEWS - Radikal news and updates from this UK zine which features coverage of direct action for the earth, the animals, and social justice.
  • urban75 - Anger is an energy.  UK zine covering hardcore environmentalism, and more.


Other Points of Interest:

  • IndyMedia- Independent Media site with links to city-specific sites. Open to submissions from anyone.
  • Terraserver - Find aerial photographs of specific points in the United States. Great to use in combination with Anonymizer. Hint: Fur and factory farm stand out because of the vase number of sheds in rural areas.
  • AK Press - A workers co-operative that publishes and distribues great alternative books and zines.
  • How to Use the Freedom of Information Act by Animal Emancipation - A great source of info specific to the animal rights movement for obtaining background on your local vivisectors and animal dealers.
  • Judi Bari Home Page - A site dedicated to the life of radical environmental and social justice leader, Judi Bari, which presents speeches and articles she's written, provides coverage of the bombing of her car, and much more.
  • McSpotlight - Focuses on the evils of multinational corporate giant McDonalds.
  • EatVeg - Info on the vegan diet with an emphasis on raw foods.
  • Overcoming Consumerism - Focuses on how we can overcome our environmentally destructive consumerism patterns of behavior.
  • Pure Food Campaign - Info on rBGH, cloning, mad cow/pig disease, organic food, etc.
  • - Provides a calendar of upcoming progressive events and protests.
  • tao site - News, articles and links focusing on societal change.  Includes direct action coverage.
  • Envirolink - Our host site, home to many environmental and animal liberation groups.  This site also features news updates, and a variety of valuable activist resources
  • One World On-Line - News and articles relating to environmental and social activism and concerns.
  • WebActive - Acitivist and progressive news, views, and links.
  • Corporate Watch - Exposes corporate abuses of the environment and society.  Also provides info on how to research companies yourself.
  • Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters - Attempts to counter the advertising "mind pollution" of such giants as McDonalds, Coke, and Calvin Kleine.  Features great "spoof ads" that re-make the images these corporate giants create with their advertising campaigns.
  • Index on Censorship - A bi-monthly magazine for free speech, widens the debates on freedom of expression with some of the world's best writers. Through interviews, reportage, banned literature and polemic, Index shows how free speech affects the issues of the moment
  • National Coalition Against Censorship - An alliance of 50 national non-profit organizations, including literary, artistic, religious, educational, professional, labor, and civil liberties groups, United by a conviction that freedom of thought, inquiry, and expression must be defended
  • Rachel's Environment & Health (bi-)Weekly - News and resources for environmental justice


  • Federated Department Stores - The primary retailer of fur in the US.  Be sure to register your opinion on their sale of  fur in their guestbook, and watch for news you can use!
  • Neiman Marcus - Visit the home page of this high-priced department store which sells fur and whose staff officers have assaulted non-violent protesters.
  • Fur Age News and Views - Attempts to glamorize fur, cover industry news, and present their own viewpoint on the animal liberation movement.  Be sure to check out their Animal Rights Archive!
  • American Association for Laboratory Animal Science - Pure evil dressed up in a cute smock.  Features listing of locations where yearly meetings of this groupof vivisecting scum will be held.
  • Charles River Laboratories - The largest laboratory animal production company in the WORLD.  Shut these folks down!
  • EcoTerror Response Network - Check this site out to see if they list you as an eco-terrorist!  Whoever maintains this site obviously hasn't been keeping up with everything, but it's still interesting and has links to order cool books they consider eco-terrorist instruction manuals.
  • Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Online - The official site of the PRCA, includes their counters to common AR criticisms, rodeo schedules, descriptions of events, and more.
  • Animal Industry Foundation - The Animal Industry Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit education foundation established to educate consumers about U.S. animal agriculture and its contributions to the public's quality of life.  How noble of them! Site features a list of AR "myths" vs. their "facts."
  • Americans for Medical Progress Home Page - AMP works to insure that vivisectors have the freedom to continue torturing animals by trying to create misleading negative publicity for the animal liberation movement. Be sure to check out their article on "tactics used by the activists" as well as the one on "animal rights extremists."
  • Foundation for Biomedical Research - Promotes the unethical use of animals by vivisectors and works to mislead the public about the animal liberation movement.
  • The National Animal Interest Alliance - Yet another group dedicated to promoting the abuse of animals.
  • ANIMAL RIGHTS MYTHS FAQ - This FAQ attempts to counter AR criticisms of vivisection.
  • Hunting Net - The self proclaimed "world's largest all-hunting website."
  • Stephens Home Page - Web site of the company that bailed out Huntingdon Life Sciences
  • Huntingdon Life Sciences - Web site of Huntingdon Life Sciences
  • National Institutes of Health - Information on government-funded animal experiments
  • Cattleman Magazine - The name says it all
  • Environmental Protection Agency - "Protects human health and safeguards the natural environment" as determined by megacorporations
  • United States Department of Agriculture - Supposedly created to protect the consumer but actually helps market animal agriculture, also responsible for examining zoos, puppy mills, etc.

Other Struggles:

  • Anti-Racist Action Network - ARA is dedicated to halting the rise of the racist right.  This site features listings of local chapters, news, and upcoming events.
  • Refuse and Resist - Dedicated to the struggle against state imposed fundamentalist right-wing morality.  This site also features coverage of activist campaigns, and of US political prisoners.
  • Jamal Journal Home Page - The web site of the campaign to free US political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.
  • First Nations - Focuses on struggles of First Nations, includes AIM, etc.  Provides extensive coverage of the US governments campaign against American Indians.
  • BURN! Nothing Ever Burns Down by Itself - Leftist/Anarchist resources.  Hosts anarchist Infoshop pages, Arm The Spirit, Black Liberation Radio, Revolutionary Anarchist Youth, Art for Change, and more.
  • Huey P. Newton Foundation - Attempts to recall the spirit of the panther from the lessons and history of the Black Panther Party from the documents and things left behind by Huey Newton after he was killed in 1989.
  • Bobby Seale's Homepage - Home page of this Black Panther Party founding chairman and Revolutionary Humanist.
  • Sinn Fein - Working for the right  of the Irish people to self determination.
  • Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty - Advocates sovereignty for indigenous peoples, with historial accounts of the resistance to colonialism.
  • Industrial Workers of the World - The union for everyone.  Focuses on the abolition of today's system of wage slavary.
  • Amnesty International - Fights for the release of political prisoners around the world

  • CorpWatch - "CorpWatch counters corporate-led globalization through education and activism. We work to foster democratic control over corporations by building grassroots globalization--a diverse movement for human rights, labor rights and environmental activists."

Links to More Links:

  • Animal Concerns Community - The definitive guide to online animal rights groups, issues and FAQs.
  • Jay's Leftist and Progressive Internet Resources Directory - Not only is this site one of best for tons of progressive links, but it also features world news, essays and articles, and the Leftist Site of the Week!
  • Harry's Activism Page - Focuses on the need to create a new world view that embraces Nature and natural processes and shuns greed and misanthropy.  Lots of cool links and resources!  Be sure to check out the "Evidence of the Police State" section of links.

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