Activists Under Attack
Last updated: Feb 3, 2008

The government's attempts to intimidate activists is not new to anyone. In recent years, the pressure felt by animal liberationists worldwide has increased exponentially. Some of the most recent events have included:

» Animal Enterprise Terrorism 101 (external link)
The Green Scare Hits Europe (external link)
Rod Coronado and the Green Scare (external link)
» Free Speech? Not in Utah! (external link)
» Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Overturns Grand Jury Contempt Charge (external link)
» Will Potter Exposes The Animal Enterprise Protection Act
» The Criminalization of Dissent (external link)
» Will Potter on Domestic Spying and Civil Liberties
Who Are the Real Terrorists? (external link)
Green is the New Red: Will Potter on the Green Scare (external link)
» SHAC7... Found Guilty of What? (external link)
» The War on the First Amendment and the Feds' "Case" Against Rod Coronado (external link)
Oregon Grand Jury Targets Activists (external link)
F.B.I. Monitoring of PETA Exposed (external link)
Mother Jones Examines Labelling of SHAC7 as Terrorists (external link)
Hunt Sabbers Face Multi-Year Sentence (external link)
Senator Inhoff Exposed (external link)
Industry Groups Buy Government Favor
Feds Step Up Attack on Green Activists (external link)
FBI Raids Homes in San Diego (external link)
Grand Jury News (external link)
Nichole Fink Jailed for Resisting Grand Jury (external link)
David & Danae Returned to Jail for Resisting Grand Jury
U.S. Senate Committee Declares Activists Top Terror Threat
Trial by Ordeal: The Modern Day Witch-Hunt (external link)
Feds Turn Up Heat (external link)

UK Crackdown on Activists
Rod Coronado's Crimes of Resistance
Welcome to the Land of the Free
Gina Lynn Jailed for Refusing to Cooperate with Grand Jury
Trial by Fire: The SHAC7 and the Future of Democracy

Kim Berardi Jailed then Released for Asserting Constitutional Rights
Anti-H.L.S. Activists Face Terrorism Charges for Protest Activity
Activists Harassed at Liberation Weekend in Los Angeles
Allison Lance-Watson Charged with Perjury After Federal Grand Jury Hearing
Michigan Activists Subpoeaned to Grand Jury
F.B.I. Stoops To New Low In Minnesota (external link)
Goldfinger Singer's Home Raided by F.B.I.
F.B.I. Harassment in San Francisco Bay Area

Be sure to visit our Feds Photo Gallery to see if there are any familiar faces.

Our best defense against government repression is education. The following articles are just a few of the resources available. Print these out and pass them along.

How to Fight Grand Jury Harassment
Craig Rosebraugh's Grand Jury Experiences
Gina Lynn's Grand Jury Experience
Lindsay Parme's Grand Jury Experience
How to Crush A Grand Jury the No Compromise Way
Know Your Legal Rights: A Quick Reference Guide
Get the Agents Off your Back
Investigators' Dirty Tricks
Know Your Rights
Minimize the Effects of Government Harassment
Tactics of Intimidation
Protecting Ourselves from Government Harassment
Temporary Restraining Orders and Preliminary Injunctions
Grand Juries: Tools of Government Repression

If you are experiencing government harrassment, please contact No Compromise so we can help inform the greater animal liberation community.