Celebrate A.L.F. Appreciation Week!
from No Compromise Issue 6

March 30 - April 5

The A.L.F. have been so active in the past year, liberating mink, torching trucks, and smashing shops, that one day is not enough time to show them our appreciation. So this year, instead of A.L.F. Appreciation Day, we are asking people to celebrate A.L.F. Appreciation Week! It will still be celebrated on the anniversary of the A.L.F.'s largest lab raid, which occurred at the University of Arizona in Tucson and resulted in over 1,200 animals being freed, a quarter of a million dollars damage to the torture labs, and the suspension or termination of multiple brutal research studies!

The purpose of A.L.F. Appreciation Week is to educate activists within the movement and the public at large on the importance of the A.L.F., to encourage people to remember and organize support for the A.L.F. warriors who are currently imprisoned for their courageous actions, and, of course, to thank those black-clad, compassionate commandos who continue to defy thelaw in search of justice.


  1. Protest at an animal abuse establishment that has been visited--or should be visited--by the A.L.F. Don your black ski mask, grab an "A.L.F. Welcome Here" sign and visit your local animal abuser. Alert the media to your protest with a news release and see how many cop cars and FBI agents you can get to show up.
  2. Organize a fund-raiser for the Direct Action Defense Fund (DADF). DADF seeks to bail A.L.F. activists out of jail so they will be physically and psychologically better prepared to launch a legal defense. DADF also helps provide for the needs of A.L.F. activists should they ever be convicted and imprisoned. But DADF can only be there for activists as much as their funds permit. Organize a vegan bake sale, benefit concert, raffle, or other fund-raiser to help DADF help the A.L.F. in their time of need. To get DADF literature for distribution at your event or for more information on organizing a fund-raiser, contact the Direct Action Defense Fund, P.O. Box 57357, Tucson, AZ 85732-7357, or call at 520-795-5171.
  3. Encourage the animal groups you belong to to print an article in their newsletters explaining the importance of the A.L.F.
  4. Write letters of support to all of the animal liberation prisoners! Their addresses can be found at the Animal Liberation Frontline Information Service which you can link to from the A.L.F. Page.
  5. "Angels of Mercy" or "Animal Liberation: the Movie." These videos do an excellent job explaining the philosophy behind the A.L.F. and the effectiveness of their actions. It contains lots of actual footage of A.L.F. raids and interviews with A.L.F. activists. To get a copy of this video, see the Animal Liberation League's merchandise ad elsewhere (see "Merchandise" on the Main Menu).
  6. Take advantage of a whole week of A.L.F. Appreciation Nights! Follow the lead of activists who, last year, used the darkness of A.L.F. Appreciation Night as cover for their attack on the Egg Products store in Salt Lake City. The A.L.F. destroyed the store and two of its trucks with fire, causing damages over $100,000. As the saying goes, "It's better to light one truck than to curse the darkness."

Allegiance to the animal nations is calling. We can no longer hold back our anger at what humans do to animals, nor can we restrain our love for the victims of greed. They are calling; they are crying. From the labs, from the slaughterhouse, from the grip of the steel-jaw traps. Hear them. Become an Angel of Mercy. Rescue the living from the painful death that awaits them. Liberty for the animals is within our reach.

Become the A.L.F. and break the chains that bind us all. Make this A.L.F. Appreciation Week a week the animal abusers never forget!