Fourteen Arrests At Fur Protest
from No Compromise Issue 4

HARTFORD, CONN. -- 14 activists from Animal Defense League - Connecticut were arrested September 15 outside Macy's Department Store in the Waterford Crystal Mall. Activists entered the mall and proceeded to Macy's mall entrance, where 3 of them clad in bloody fur coats writhed on the floor while fake "blood" was pored over them. Simultaneously, a large banner was hung from the second floor above their heads, while other activists chanted at the top of their lungs to the lead of a bullhorn. Numerous anti-fur signs were present as well.

At least 200 people gathered to watch, many of whom expressed verbal support. Hundreds of leaflets were willingly snatched up from activists, explaining the role of Macy's in the cruel fur trade.

Security went nuts, yelling and screaming and adding to the ambiance, but powerless to intervene until the police showed up in large numbers. By this time, the "animals" had laid a bloody trail up to Macy's entrance, where they were stopped by police. These "junior Nazis" were merciless in their treatment, kneeing, punching and roughing up several activists, including 2 women 15 years old and each weighing less than 100 pounds.

All activists were detained for several hours, threatened with many charges, but then released on their promise to appear in court. Not one dime was paid in bail, and police were educated to our cause, some being quite sympathetic. Court date was set for September 27 for everyone, where all will plead not guilty and ask for jury trials. Three complaints are being filed for police brutality.

No Bail, Do Jail! Free the Animals! Now!